In MONTAJES TEMON we install and perform the maintenance of telecommunication networks, whether fiber optic, twisted-pair cable, or coaxial cable. Additionally, we perform civil work, including grounding, trenching, and conduit installation. We provide the mentioned services to public and private organizations, diverse service operators, railways, etc. MONTAJES TEMON establishes its quality policy and implements a management system in accordance with the following principles:


  • Implementation of continuous improvement concepts, periodically defining and reviewing our objectives to exceed our clients’ expectations, employees and society in general.
  • Commitment to comply with the LEGAL REQUERIMENTS, REGULATIONS AND REGULATIONS APPLICABLE to all our activities.
  • CONTINUOUS TRAINING of our team in order to ensure an excellent service and their awareness of these policy principles.
  • CLIENTS’ SATISFACTION, based on an immediate response to their requirements and on the optimum management of our internal.
  • ADAPTATION AND UPDATE of our equipment and technologies to the new market trends.


Management is comitted to provide all the necessary resources to ensure the previous principles.

The QUALITY POLICY detailed in this document is continuously REVISED based on the legislative requirements, technological advances, and changing environment in which we work. It is also regularly communicated to our team and environment for the culture and principles to be transmitted.

February 2022

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