We are registered in the official registry of telecommunications installers, which is public and has national scope, with registration number 21529. We are authorized for the following groups:


  • Group A, for telecommunications infrastructure in buildings or premises.
  • Group B, for telecommunications system installations.
  • Group C, for audiovisual installations.
  • Group F, for new generation and control telecommunication networks installation, management and safety in buildings or constructions.


We are registered in the Spanish official registry of Bidders and Classified Companies as:

  • SERVICES contractor for the group:
    • V_03_D (V, Information and Communication Technologies Services, 03, maintenance and repair of systems and telecommunications installations)
  • CONSTRUCCION contractor for the following groups:
    • A_01_E (A, Earthworks and perforations, 01, Removals and drainage)
    • G_06_A (G, Trips and tracks, 06, Roadworks without specific qualification)
    • I_07_E (I, Electrical installations, 07, Telecommunications and radioelectric installations)
    • I_09_E (I, Electrical installations, 09, Radioelectric installations without specific qualification)

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